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Real Estate Appraiser

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Asaf Apple Real Estate Appraisal Office was established by Asaf Apple, an expert real estate appraiser, a graduate of the Technion, and a member of the Real Estate Appraisers Association in Israel.

The three main areas of practice in the firm are the reduction of improvement levies, valuation of assets, and valuations of the market rent.

In addition, we are engaged in writing the opinion of an expert real estate appraiser in court, opinions for the purpose of determining impairment and expropriation compensation, IFRS assessments, and urban renewal.

We make sure to provide a personal, professional, efficient, and highly accurate service for our customers while finding quality solutions to any question or difficulty that arises during the work.

All real estate assessments that we produce for our clients are conducted in accordance with the rules of the appraiser standard and the guidelines.

Our firm is regularly updated with rulings relevant to the real estate field, with changes made to the Real Estate Tax Law and the Planning and Construction Law, and regularly participates in seminars and seminars in the real estate field.

The firm provides real estate appraisal services Nationwide.




Reduction of the improvement levy:

As part of real estate appraisal services, we specialize in writing counter-assessments and representing the assessee with the decisive appraiser for the purpose of reducing the improvement levy.

If you have been charged an improvement levy, whether it is private property or a commercial property, you are welcome to contact us and receive an initial opinion if it is worth trying to reduce the amount of the payment.


Inspection of an apartment before buying/selling:

Buying an apartment, house or any other real estate property is usually the most complex, expensive, and stressful transaction a person will make during their lifetime.

Such a transaction is always recommended to be accompanied by appropriate professionals, ie a real estate appraiser and a real estate attorney.

One of the important functions of the real estate appraiser is to perform a pre-purchase inspection of the property, even before the sale agreement is signed.

Valuation of assets and market rent:

We specialize in valuing properties that are up for sale or purchase and valuing market rent for all types of commercial properties.

We will perform a property valuation or apartment price estimate for you.


Looking for an expert real estate appraiser? Contact us for excellent service!

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