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AMG Group is the largest and leading mortgage consulting company in Israel.

The AMG Group was founded in 2001, providing its customers with advanced solutions in the field of insurance and financial consulting, under one roof. The group's activity is based on the professional skill of the company's staff, which includes dozens of employees, including mortgage advisers, portfolio managers, lawyers, economists, life health insurance agents, and more. The AMG Group uses the most advanced tools, in order to achieve the best financial solution for you and your family and ensure you peace of mind and confidence in your financial decisions.

You want to make sure you have a professional and experienced Mortgage Adviser by your side.

With AMG Group you’ll receive the best customer service as well as helpful, easy to digest resources to help you understand what’s really going on behind all those complicated numbers.

               Pre-mortgage counseling may save you an average of about NIS 70,000.

                                                     Foreign residents mortgage, all the information!

Is a foreign resident allowed to get a mortgage in Israel?
The answer is yes, a foreign resident can get a mortgage from an Israeli bank for the purchase of a property in Israel.
Of course, it must meet the criteria used by mortgage banks, just like any borrower (income, credit history, etc.).
What percentage of funding can he get?
The percentage of funding is one of the restrictions that a foreign resident faces.
The mortgage loan will usually be limited to 50% financing of the purchase value (and it does not matter if it is a single or additional apartment).
An Israeli citizen/resident living abroad can decide how he or she wishes the Bank to treat him or her - as a foreign or Israeli resident (the percentage of financing customary according to the Bank of Israel's guidelines).
What mortgage routes are available to a foreign borrower?
A foreign resident can take out the entire mortgage in a currency-linked route (dollar/euro / Japanese Yen, etc. - depending on the salary he receives and the country from which he comes).
If you decide to take out a loan in shekel routes close to the shekel, you can take it according to the guidelines and instructions of the Bank of Israel for Israeli residents.
What is the definition of non-resident mortgage banks?
Holder of a foreign passport
A person who stays outside the borders of Israel for more than 180 days a year
The definition of a foreign resident is any person who conducts his life outside the borders of the state, and his full income is abroad.
An Israeli resident who has moved abroad and proves that this move is permanent (for example, relocation) will also be defined in the banks as a foreign resident.

What is the process of approval in principle for a foreign resident?
Most banks have dedicated branches that handle non-resident mortgages. These branches have been trained to handle and analyze documents from foreign countries.
Most banks will be asked to accept a contact person/proxy in Israel for the benefit of continuous contact, submission of letters, and notices in the event that the contact with the borrower is severed.
As with any mortgage portfolio, the bank will review the application based on the borrower’s income and the property purchased.
However, in the case of a foreign resident, the requested income documents vary from state to state and therefore a suitable list should be obtained depending on the country of residence.
Beyond the usual documents required by the mortgage banks, a foreign resident is required to present:


ID card other than a passport (ID/driver's license)
Details of current assets managed abroad
Income certificates (payslips / employment agreement)
Form 1040 - last two years / CPA approval of income


As mentioned, revenue documents vary from state to state.
How will a foreign resident submit the application?
A foreign resident can submit the application independently directly to the bank.
The problem with the independent submission will be that at the stage of signing the mortgage documents and making the loan, the banks oblige the customer to come to Israel in favor of signing and identification.
Therefore, in order to facilitate the loan process, it is recommended to use the services of a professional and reliable consulting company that specializes in managing loans for non-residents and will take care of all the loan stages for you, including of course building the mix and submitting the tender.
AMG Mortgages' customers include non-resident borrowers who wish to receive financing from an Israeli bank to purchase a property in Israel. The service can be provided to the client while he is abroad and the company manages for him the entire process of taking out a mortgage. In some cases, the company Manages the loan for foreign residents without the borrower coming to Israel at all. The company has service providers Speakers of English, Russian and other languages at a native level.


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