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Our expert agents are the face of The Jewish Dream Home They are dedicated to meeting all your property needs.

Find the perfect expert for you today, and will be there for you every step of the process.


Bossi, Negbi, Aviani, Cohen, Eyal & Co. is a boutique law firm established in 2020 by the five founding partners.
The firm was established with a vision to give our clients a solution, which combines uncompromising professionalism on the one hand and a pleasant and patient atmosphere on the other. The name of the lawyers in the firm comes before them in the fields in which they are engaged and the firm is recognized as a leading firm in its fields of practice.
Our firm specializes in a variety of areas of law, including complex commercial lawsuits, class and derivative lawsuits, accompanying large real estate projects, representing developers and apartment owners in urban renewal projects, tenders, high courts, ongoing consulting for commercial companies and public bodies and more.
The firm's clients include the largest entities in the Israeli economy, clients from the top echelons of business in Israel, private and public real estate companies, local and international infrastructure companies, parties, MKs, public figures, and senior businessmen.
Our worldview is based on professionalism, a personal and patient attitude to each client, integrity, fairness, and full availability.


                                                          Real Estate Department

BNACE's real estate department is one of the highest quality and most experienced in Israel. The department has rich experience in all aspects of real estate and is involved in a wide variety of large and complex transactions in the fields of residential, commercial, industrial, office, employment and hotels.
The department handles real estate transactions that require an in-depth understanding and expertise in all areas related to the real estate world, including the areas of planning and construction, financing real estate transactions, representation before government and municipal authorities, taxation and litigation.
In this context, our firm provides ongoing legal advice in the field; Accompanying and handling sales and purchase transactions; Construction projects; Transactions in income-producing assets; Rental transactions; Combination transactions; Purchasing groups; Transactions in the field of urban renewal - TMA 38 and evacuation of construction; industry and commerce in the agricultural sector; real estate tenders; handling of real estate taxation issues; accompaniment in planning and construction procedures; financing projects and representation in litigation proceedings relating to real estate.
The department is headed by Adv. Roni Il-Lahav, a founding partner of the firm, with a great reputation and impressive and valued expertise in the field of real estate in Israel. Adv. Il-Lahav has in-depth knowledge of the real estate world, extensive practical experience in various transactions in the field and excellent human relations.
The knowledge and experience of Adv. Il-Lahav and the Real Estate Department allows us to accompany our clients from the stage of initiating transactions, through connections between entities engaged in real estate, through the negotiation, planning and financing stage to the completion of the transaction to the satisfaction of all concerned.
The Real Estate Department provides the firm's clients with the professional guidance required in a variety of projects and transactions, ranging from performing due diligence of real estate properties, accompanying planning and construction procedures and accompanying sales or rentals, with a broad view of all aspects of transaction and transaction.
The skill and professionalism of the department, together with the extensive experience and proficiency of attorneys in the field, enable the firm to successfully complete transactions and real estate projects until their complete completion.
The firm regularly represents the most prominent real estate companies and entrepreneurs in Israel and accompanies entrepreneurs and companies in the field of real estate and infrastructure in a variety of projects and transactions, including commercial projects including malls, projects for offices, residences and industry, hotels, infrastructure, sheltered housing and more. Purchase and sale, large-scale property rental, combination transactions, sale of units in residential and commercial projects, purchasing groups, real estate tenders and also handles the registration of condominiums and parcelling.
The department has specific expertise in initiating and accompanying construction and urban renewal transactions under NPA 38 and "construction eviction" transactions, while representing both developers and real estate rights holders. In this framework, the department provides comprehensive guidance and advice, starting from the planning and planning phase of the project. And the tax aspects, building the outline of the transaction, drafting sharing agreements between the rights holders in the real estate, drafting agreements between the rights holders and the developer, accompanying financing the transaction, drafting agreements with consultants and contractors and registering the project after its completion.

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