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Park Tzameret

An urban, innovative residential experience in Tel Aviv, to live in the right place in the city.
The apartment is intended for those who know how to appreciate an amazing and attractive location wrapped in brilliant design and perfect execution.

The apartment is located in the Park Tzameret neighborhood an affluent enclave dominated by luxurious high-rise apartment complexes. Leafy pedestrian paths wind between some of Israel's tallest buildings, including the 50-story Rom Tower and the landmark Yoo Tel Aviv twin skyscrapers. Jewelry stores dot the neighborhood, while chic boutiques and stylish restaurants fill the modern Top G shopping mall.

Now, more than ever, it's time to recalculate your route and enjoy the most trendy living environment.

Opportunity to live in Tel Aviv and feel in Europe, with a contemporary lifestyle, alongside an impressive building for preservation.

A perfect combination of location, design, and style. For those looking for the next thing, this is the opportunity.

The project complex invites you to enjoy all the benefits of the city, without sacrificing the quality of life and everything this amazing city has to offer - lively streets, beautiful people, and plenty of cultural centers, clubs, culinary, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment.

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