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management services

Our expert agents are the face of The Jewish Dream Home They are dedicated to meeting all your property needs.

Find the perfect expert for you today, and will be there for you every step of the process.

      Vacation Home

management Services

handle payments administrative accounting of household bills, as well as handle all incoming mail, accept deliveries, etc.


Emergency contact for any issues that may arise including being a contact person for the alarm company. 


A routine walkthrough - including checking appliances, plumbing, etc. This is necessary for home insurance purposes.


Arrival walkthrough before your arrival in Israel to make sure everything is clean and in order. ​


Spring Cleaning of your home, carpet cleaning , etc.


Annual Air Conditioning maintenance


Pool Maintenance - oversee and arrange for professional pool technician to come on a regular basis.

         Home/ Commercial

        Management Services

Obtaining and interviewing tenants: 

Advertising to secure a Short/long term rental.


Showing the home/ Commercial to potential tenants.


Negotiating the rental: with the lawyers handling the legal work.


Handling payments: collecting the deposit and regular rent payments.


Conduct regular visits to your property: manage and oversee repair and maintenance calls.


Handling all accounting of said property.

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