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Your dream is our vision

The Jewish Dream Home is a leading 

Israeli Real Estate company based in the US, Canada And Israel.

The company was founded in 2006 in New York. 

Our main activity was Investing in real estate, Buying & selling properties, Building projects, and property management all around the US.

In 2016 we decided to make "Aliya" after realizing it was time to come home and expanded our activity in Israel`s thriving real estate market.

Ask any "Oleh" and they will tell you the two hardest things to deal with in Israel are bureaucracy and customer service.

That`s exactly where we come in.

It was difficult for our family to decide where to settle down even with knowing Israel very well beforehand.

Our main goal was to find the right community 

for us and most importantly find the right community and schools for our children.

We finally settled down in the beautiful northern city of Zichron Ya`akov with a thriving English-speaking community and synagogues and many young families with children


We have properties all over the country. We offer a wide range of property and Israel real estate investment opportunities.

We have plenty of resources to help make your move and settling down as new "Olim" as smooth as possible. From movers to electric appliances to family social workers that will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the local market.

We know we can find you your next

Forever Home.

Meet our team 

Contact us Today!

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